Handelsonderneming Chiel Meekes B.V.

Partijgroothandel.nl is a young and dynamic company, which is active on the market since September 2006. The company has begun to different markets in the Achterhoek and surroundings. In September 2009, the magazine is moved to the location in Ruurlo De Venter Camp 8. Then we then took a warehouse used approximately 450 sqm. From January 2010, we have over 1,500 sqm got there at the same location. From February 2016 we moved to Kiefteweg 1b. At the moment we have one great mage is. 9,000 qsm. From this warehouse we provide all our customers in the Netherlands, Europe and other countries outside of Europe! Partijgroothandel.nl is a dynamic company focused on the purchase and sale of bulk commodities. Our offer is very varied. This is the main feature of our company. From food to household items, business gifts to decoration materials, market supplies to construction materials, Partijgroothandel.nl delivers it all!

Halle B3


  • Strasse: Kiefteweg 1B
  • PLZ: 7151 HAT
  • Ort: Eibergen
  • Land: Netherlands


  • Telefon: +31 (0)62 8769220
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.