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What exactly is the GOODIES-Center?

The GOODIES-Center is a wholesale trade fair centre for retailers. It features between 40 and 50 trading and services companies which present their products on their own trade fair stands on a continuous basis. This makes the GOODIES-Center into an "all-year-around trade fair". Additionally, the GOODIES-Center also holds three GOODIES trade fairs for overstock and special items per year which many more guest exhibitors attend with their products.


Where does the name "GOODIES" come from?

"GOODIES" is derived from the word "Goods" – meaning, of course, the items that retailers buy and sell. Since "Goods" sounds a little boring, and has little association with a highly specialised trade fair for overstock and special items, the word "GOODIES" was chosen.


Who is allowed to shop in the GOODIES-Center?

The Center is only open to a tradesman/tradeswoman who has the appropriate ID. You will require a trading licence (trade registration) and an active tax number. It is not possible to access the centre with a straightforward business card.


When is the GOODIES-Center open?

We are open all year around from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday. Visits outside the regular opening hours are only possible subsequent to prior agreement.


Can I present my company in the GOODIES-Center?

Yes. You are generally free to present your company at the GOODIES trade fairs as a guest exhibitor. If you would like to become a permanent exhibitor in the GOODIES-Center with your company however, it is necessary to clarify in advance which specific goods you would like to trade in order to prevent product overlaps from occurring with the existing exhibitors. Of course, it is also important for a stand to be available in the required size. These things will be clarified by an in-house committee in our firm. Send us your application to be an exhibitor.


Does my trade fair stand in the GOODIES-Center have to be manned at all times?

Yes. The GOODIES-Center is visited continuously by buyers who are interested in ordering goods. Nothing is worse when a buyer decides that they would like to order something at your trade fair stand but isn't able to because the sales staff and/or personal contact aren't available. If you do not wish to attend your stand all the time, however, you can arrange for your trade fair stand to be managed by our personnel at reasonable terms and conditions. In this context, it is also necessary for you to provide our personnel with detailed information about your products as well as your terms and conditions.



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