Warning notice !!!

The companies "EXPO GUIDE", "FAIRGUIDE.COM", "INEXORG" and "CONSTRUCT DATA Verlag" have been offering exhibitors listings in online exhibitor directories and/or catalogue listings, and sending them what appear to be the corresponding registration forms (see below image). In these directories, however, the name of the GOODIES trade fair company Ankum is being used without prior authorisation in order to create the false impression that it is an official directory of exhibitors for the trade fair. The exhibitors who receive such correspondence are requested to complete and/or correct the form before signing it and returning it ...


agree to a 3-5 year contract and to annual payments of between € 800.- and € 2,300.- ! Cancellation is only possible within 10 days subsequent to the "issuing of the order" via registered letter! The above companies are working from foreign countries (mostly South America) ... we don't have to go into any further detail about the likelihood of achieving any success with legal action.

We wish to make you aware that the company GOODIES Messegesellschaft Ankum GmbH & Co. KG (GOODIES-Center) does not have anything to do with these companies!